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Hardware development

ioStudioTech can develop embedded electronics products for low/medium powered applications.

Already available ARM controller, sensor or power solutions can be used as starting point for an electronics board fully designed to comply with customer requirements.

ioStudioTech is co-located with Westcontrol Robertson and can on customer request organize cooperation on production of both mechanical and electronics hardware components.

Software development

ioStudioTech has spent many years in developing a structured way of designing, implementing and testing software to run on hardware in maritime control systems.

The software development process is focusing on the user perspective of the solutions. Operators user interface solutions are available and can be used as a starting point for front-end software. Also operating system and networking software is available to be used as a starting point for development.

The software can both be simulated for and deployed to an IDS/MASS, MAV or other control/sensor/electronics/instrumentation system.

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Simulation models development

In addition to developing a maritime control system in hardware, the hardware components can be represented by a simulation model. The software components and the simulated hardware components must be integrated properly to be representative for the actual control system to implement in hardware later. ioStudioTech can develop the simulation models for hardware components in an IDS/MASS , MAV or other control /sensor/electronics/instrumentation system.

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Control system development

ioStudioTech can develop any type of control system, but has more knowledge about maritime control systems. This includes control on ships, vehicles, offshore installations and subsea installations.

Project management

To be able to handle the integration, the project management needs to have an understanding of the requirements for the technology to integrate. The development of both simulation models and software needs to be coordinated in such a way that this also is compatible with the hardware components to integrate later in a project. Experience with proven agile methods for project management used in similar projects done previously is also a benefit.

ioStudioTech can therefore also provide services for project management for MAVIDS/MASS or other control system/sensor/electronics/instrumentation development projects.

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