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ioStudioTech AS is a company that has been doing research and development on maritime control systems since 2010. This has resulted in a proven design of an optimal maritime control system without having the issue of making a time limited return on investments. This kind of start-up project is rear but the benefit is that the time to market today is very short.


There are also no legacy issues on products and systems that need to be maintained and serviced. All the technology available can be adapted to a market case for the future needs of customers.


ioStudio is developed as an open maritime control system which it is a great interest in the market for. A system can only become open if it’s designed for multi-platform integration and multi-purpose cases. The ioStudio system is.


The openness of a system also relies on the owners of the company. The owners shouldn't be considered a competitor of a potential customer. This is still the case for the company today.


The ioStudio project is therefore seeking investors that primarily want to make a return on investments by seeing the global  potential in open and advanced maritime control system technology.

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